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1906 – Norwegian State Visit to Denmark – Days 3, 4 and 5

The first State Visit made by King Haakon after he had been crowned King of Norway was to Denmark. It was a visit that lasted for five whole days and this of course lead to a number of regal events. However, the nature of this State Visit seems to be more like a family visit rather than a State Visit like we think of such visits today. And a family visit it was without any doubt, as King Haakon was the son of the Danish King, Frederick VIII, and Queen Maud the Danish King’s niece. And in addition to the Danish Royal Family some other members of the family now moved away from Denmark, were there to join in the events. When the Norwegian King and Queen arrived in Copenhagen they were for instance met by the Empress Dowager of Russia Marie Feodorovna (aunt to both King Haakon and Queen Maud) and King George I of the Hellenes (uncle to the Norwegian Royal Couple). And later on a son of King George I, also named George, arrived in Denmark in order to spend some time there.

Since the visit had a more familiar theme to it there were little information about the various dinners being hosted during those five days. And no visit to the theatre, so the press – nor the public – were not able to have a good look at what was worn and details about decoration or the food that was served. So naturally they were not able to report on that. And as photography was not as widely used as it is today there are also very few photographs available which could perhaps given some more clues as to the splendour of it all. It is a shame, especially since there were a total of five dinners and it would not be hard to imagine that at least the majority of these were with grand jewels, orders and uniforms – even though it was only close family and a selected few that were present at them.

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State Visit

1906 – Norwegian State Visit to Denmark – Day 2

On the second day of the State Visit of the King and Queen of Norway to Denmark they spent the morning visiting various exhibitions around Copenhagen. And earlier in the morning King Haakon had also received in audience the Danish Government and the Diplomatic Corps. In the evening there was a splendid State Banquet held at the Amalienborg Palace complex.

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State Visit

1906 – Norwegian State Visit to Denmark – Day 1

The very first State Visit paid by King Haakon VII in his reign was to Denmark, his country of birth. Even though his grandfather, King Christian IX of Denmark had seen Haakon and Maud established as King and Queen of Norway in the end of 1905 he sadly died in January the following year. He was succeeded by his oldest son, Frederick, who was also the father of Haakon. So when the Norwegian State Visit to Denmark took place in October 1906 it was also the first State Visit that the new Danish King, Frederick VIII, hosted. It was just as much a family gathering as it was a State Visit.

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1906 – Christening of Prince Gustav Adolf

Unlike many Royal christenings at the time, and even more so, a christening at the Swedish court was considered a State Occasion. Most Royal christenings were by then a more private affair and maybe not so grand events – though still special of course. But in Sweden it was the “full package” with tiaras, shining uniforms and banquets – in other words a grand gala event. And with relatives coming from Britain to attend the christening of the first born of Prince Gustav Adolf (later King Gustav VI Adolf) and Princess Margaret (previously Princess Margaret of Connaught) it was a chance to celebrate the connection between the two kingdoms and the little baby Prince in whom the blood of the two Royal Families ran.

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State Visit

1903 – Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Denmark – Day 4

The last day of the Emperor visit to the Danish court was a more relaxed one, with it being Sunday. It included a church service and a visit to the Museum of National History. In the evening King Christian IX hosted yet another glittering banquet in the honour of the Emperor. And again there was a lot of sparkle. It is evident that Queen Alexandra had done her best in showing off and on this fourth evening she had taken out from the vault yet another grand set of jewels – this time set with Sapphires. And her sister, the Empress, followed suit with a set of Emeralds. The other Royal Ladies were also very elegant and they together made a glittering conclusion of the four day visit.

State Visit

1903 – Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Denmark – Day 3

On the third day of his visit the Emperor paid his respect at the coffin of Queen Louise before visiting the new City Hall, which was still under contruction. He was spending some time at Roseborg Castle where he was shown around the museum there.

That evening he attended a Gala Concert together with the Danish Royal Family and their other Royal Guests. Again it must have been a truly splendid spectacle. One of the most interesting bit of information from this event is that Queen Alexandra is reported to have worn emeralds. There are not a lot of reports of her wearing this type of gem stone. And when it is mentioned worn it is normally said to be in combined with pearls and rubies. This would fit the description of an Indian set that she had received as a gift at some time. But in this report from the gala concert rubies are not mentioned at all.

It raises the question as to what emerald tiara this was. We know that the event took place in Denmark and that in the Danish Royal Collection there is an Emerald parure. Were she allowed to borrow this for the event? Or did she bring the emerald jewels with her together with all the other jewels she wore during this stay in Denmark? If so, which emerald jewels were they?

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1903 – Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Denmark – Day 2

On his second day in Denmark the Emperor spent most of the morning visiting museums and even managed to squeeze in some shopping – as one does when visiting foreign countries. He had lunch at the German Legation and had a rather relaxed and enjoyable program in the afternoon.

The highlight of the day though, at least for the people who were able to witness all of it, or at least get a glimpse of it, must have been the soiree hosted by the Crown Prince. The spledour of it all; the jewels of such immense value and beauty, the dress uniforms with all the trimmings in silver and gold and the variation of Sashes and Stars worn.

At this evening occasion Queen Alexandra is reported to have worn rubies – lots of them – both around her neck and in her hair as well as on the dress itself. Could this be one of the early reports of her wearing the Oriental Circlet which later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother would make one of her signature pieces and the Crown Rubies? Without any photos to prove it, I guess it will be impossible to ever know. But since the original opals in the Oriental Circlet were exchanged with rubies by Queen Alexandra in 1902 it is very likely that she indeed wore this set to this event.

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State Visit

1903 – Emperor Wilhelm II’s visit to Denmark – Day 1

I am not sure if this was stricly speaking a State Visit as Wilhelm II already visited Denmark back in 1888 with King Christian IX already on the Danish throne. The Emperor had a reputation for inviting himself whenever he felt like it and often didn’t wait for the host nation to suggest to send him an invitation. In any case, it was a truly glittering visit. It took place shortly before the old King’s 85th birthday so both Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and the Dowager Empress of Russia were also present in addition to the Danish Royal ladies. They naturally added greatly to the glitter as they had brought with them some of their best jewels. Sadly the reports from the lavish parties thrown for the Emperor do not specify all the jewels worn, but there is no doubt that they were truly glittering events. To read more about the first day, the welcome and the State Banquet, just press the button below and it will take you to the page created for the visit.

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